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Learning to Drive

Max at the Wheel

Being a 9 – year old kid sometimes has its perks.  We took a one and a half hour boat ride  to give our grandson a better view of the rocky Maine coastline – and to see the Nubble Lighthouse from a different perspective – and on the way back to Perkins Cove the captain asked him if he’d like to take the controls for a while.  As you can see, the captain always had at least a finger on the wheel, but Max thought he was driving.  But if he started drifting toward the rocks, the captain would give the wheel a slight nudge in the opposite direction. 

While we were out there, we heard that a few great whites had been seen along the southern Maine coast.  They will, apparently, go wherever the seals go.  And we did see 3 or 4 harbor seals on our little trip.  But no sharks.  Too bad.  That could have been interesting.

I’m wondering, though.  How exactly do you ask a great white shark to smile for the camera?


6 Responses to “Learning to Drive”

  1. Earl

    Paul, prior to this trip I believe you were worried that your grandson would be bored with this visit to Maine but it seems he had the time of his life and will probably remember it always. A great experience for all I’m sure and I’ve enjoyed following via your photos photos. Still waiting for a first grandchild here. 🙂

    • Paul Maxim

      Thanks, Earl. We have 2 grandchildren and that will be it, I think. There won’t be any more. I’m sure you’ll get your chance! One interesting thing on this trip: Max went crazy taking pictures on the cellphone we let him use. Then my wife got him a disposable film camera and he used that up in a few hours. Not a whole lot of “keepers”, to be sure, but he had fun. Now if I could only figure out how to get those images out of the damn cellphone…..

      • Earl

        Paul, it certainly sounds like you may have a budding photographer on your hands.

  2. Steve Weeks

    I, for one, will be interested if these last two were processed and sent on your new iPad from the field.

    Nice interesting images and thankfully it seems your fears for the Grandson were unfounded.

    I think the answer to you question is, “Say Chum”.

    • Paul Maxim

      Nope. Nothing done within or sent from the iPad, Steve. I had the laptop with me, of course, so trying to do anything exotic with the iPad would have been counter-productive. You can’t really edit with the darn thing anyway (at least not that I know of). And so far I haven’t even uploaded any images directly to it. I edit them and resize them first in a computer, then the “chosen few” go to the iPad. It’s wonderful, by the way, for viewing images. Very sharp, and colors are reproduced faithfully.

      Truth be told, I think if I’d actually seen one of those sharks I wouldn’t have been able to say anything. Or even take a picture.

  3. Don

    How exactly do you ask a great white shark to smile for the camera?

    Very carefully.


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