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A Presidential Wave

George at the Wheel

While in Maine this past week, we decided to take our grandson up to Kennebunkport.  We thought he might like the harbor there and we also told him that we’d drive by the Bush compound.  That didn’t seem to excite him very much, especially when he found out that it was the “really old” George Bush who lived there.  And he really couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just drive up to the front door and see if anyone was home.

Anyway, off we went.  After walking around Kennebunkport for a while, we drove  to the area where you can view the Bush house from across the water.  I think the property actually impressed the little guy.  Even he seemed to realize that there was some money here.  Not to mention the fact that an actual former American President lives there.

We’ve been there before, of course.  Never saw anything but the house.  No activity anywhere (except for the secret service at the main gate).  Heck, people who live there rarely see much activity.  But when the weather is good, George does love to go out on his boat.

Suddenly, there was a great deal of activity.  First, the boat itself arrived, followed closely by a secret service boat carrying a number of agents.  Then a whole lot of people appeared on the dock, including George.  It’s not hard to pick him out because he has trouble walking these days.  To his credit, he doesn’t seem to want anyone to help him.  He moves slowly, but he gets where he’s going.

Finally, after everyone was in, they took off (with George at the controls).  And I’ll tell you, that thing flies.  It’s got 3 Mercury 300’s on the back and I think he was using all of them shortly after leaving the dock. 

Almost half-heartedly, my grandson waved at him.  And son of a gun, George waved back.  It wasn’t much of a wave, but he did wave.  For that, I will always be grateful.  I didn’t vote for the guy and I certainly never voted for his son, but it was a nice gesture.  Then they were gone and all was quiet again.

Watching the President

Secret Service boat


2 Responses to “A Presidential Wave”

    • Paul Maxim

      Well, he wasn’t too impressed by the former President. The secret service guys, on the other hand, captured his complete attention. Dressed in black – including black baseball caps – and in a black boat. Now that was cool. Like something right out of a movie…..


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