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(Another) Maine Event

Rocks and Fog, Ogunquit, Maine

Tomorrow morning we hit the road again.  But this trip will be a little different.  This time, we have a passenger.  A fairly young passenger.  We decided, you see, that it was time to show our youngest grandson (he’s 9) a piece of the world he’s never seen before.  He’s heard us rave about the Maine coast, how much we love the look and the smell of the place, but now he’ll get to see it (and smell it) for himself.

In all honesty, it makes me a little nervous.  Maybe we’ve built it up too much.  Maybe he won’t like all the rocks or the cool ocean breeze in his face.  Maybe when he sticks his foot into the 60 degree water for the first time he’ll wonder why we brought him to a place where he can’t swim for long without a wetsuit.  Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – kids do it all the time.  But they do tend to look a little blue when they finally head back to shore.  And just maybe he won’t like that sometimes overwhelming smell of salt and fish that seems to be everywhere along the coast.  Heaven help us if we get 4 days of fog.  Hey, it can happen along that stretch.  Even when the forecast is for sunshine.

He did say, though, that he’d like to see the Bush compound in Kennebunkport.  Not my favorite spot, but what the heck.  They do have a nice harbor there.

Actually, one thing I’m seriously worried about is his penchant for climbing around on rocks.  He has no fear.  And this is a place with lots and lots of very sharp, very large rocks.  Not to mention the riptides when the tide is going out.

I think I’d better buy some kind of leash……….

A sunny day at the "beach"


4 Responses to “(Another) Maine Event”

  1. Monte Stevens

    A few years ago I took my oldest grandson, who was 10 at the time, to the Puget Sound on San Juan Island for a 3 day grandpa and grandson excursion. Awesome. Here was a young guy from Colorado, never seen as large body of water, let alone smell it and hear it. He had never tried oysters or mussels or clams and loved them. I will forever have in my mind the scene of him throwing a piece of drift wood as far as he could into the water then watching it drift back to shore. And, then doing it again. We walked along many rocky shores seeing a world he never new existed, searched out lighthouses to explore. We took a boat ride on the Sound looking for whales but found none. It was enjoyable for both of us and we still talk about it. It’s impact on the growth of our relationship is priceless! I actually cried as I drove home after dropping him off with his mom. Awesome!

    Have fun!

    • Paul Maxim

      That’s a great story, Monte. I hope things turn out half as well for me! So far, so good. We arrived yesterday and so far he thinks the place is great. Loves the ocean and doesn’t seem to mind that it’s only about 60 degrees or so. Of course it helps that it’s warm and muggy today. Actually, Puget Sound is a place I wouldn’t mind visiting. Never been there…..


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