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An American Icon (With Twigs)

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

While twigs and other scruffy stuff can’t hold an image together on their own, they sometimes can be very useful in a supporting role.  No one really cares – photographically, anyway – about the edge of this maritime forest, but throw in the most famous lighthouse in America and the combination just might work.

This view is from almost 1/2 mile away, with the ocean literally at my back.  Even though the light is well inland, it’s still tall enough to warn boats away from the infamous Diamond Shoals (the Graveyard of the Atlantic).  Interestingly, most craft don’t even need the light.  Onboard electronics keep them safe.  But mariners feel safer, I’m told, if they can see the light at night.  If I was out there, I guess I might, too.


2 Responses to “An American Icon (With Twigs)”

  1. Don

    Real nice Paul I like it because it is different then most lighthouse shots, nice composition.

  2. Monte Stevens

    I was surprised when I read that it was a half mile away. Gives a perspective of how tall it rally is. I still need to get out that way and see this lighthouse and take a few image of my own.


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