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January Snow

It never fails.  Just when I start to feel a little more mellow and think that maybe people aren’t as dumb as I tend to believe most of the time, something happens that snaps me back to reality.  I didn’t have to go very far, either.  In fact, I was right outside my own door trying to clear some snow off the sidewalk.  There I was, haphazardly pushing the fluffy white stuff around when two of my neighbors popped out and proceeded to brush the snow off of their cars.  They were soon engaged in a discussion about the weather, talking about all the snow and the wind and the cold.  Then one of them said, “But Obama gets to go on vacation in Hawaii”.

Innocent enough, I guess.  But I knew there was more than a little animosity in the statement.  Neither one voted for Obama and both are probably a little to the right of Genghis Khan.  Nice enough guys, I suppose, just as long as you keep politics out of the discussion.  Needless to say, my ears perked up a bit.

Anyway, the other one responds, “Yeah, thanks to him flying just got a lot tougher”.  This guy, you see, spends his winters in Florida but returns north around Christmas to visit family.  He’s about to fly back and apparently believes that all the new rules and longer lines at the airport are the president’s fault.  I kind of chuckled to myself, but kept my mouth shut.  If you’re going to be one of those people waiting in security lines, I guess you have to blame somebody for the inconvenience.  But it was what came out of his mouth next that floored me.

“Anyway”, he said, “Obama wasn’t even born there”.

Omigod.  One of my neighbors is an honest – to – goodness “Birther“.  I’ve seen them on TV, of course, and I’ve read about them, but I’ve never seen one up close.  This guy believes that Obama was elected illegally and that not only should he be removed from office, he should be deported.  Back to Kenya, where he was really born.      

There was no point in challenging him, I decided.  No chance in hell that I could change his mind even a little bit.  He’s just plain nuts.  Maybe even a racist.  So I went in.  Anyway, my fingers were getting cold.

4 Responses to “Brain Freeze”

  1. Markus

    It seems to be a good habit to listen to one’s fingers… but it’s bitter anyway having to experience the ‘demos’ so directly and undisguised. Thing is, the U.S. is not alone with this kind of problem: just look at the tabloids in the U.K. or here in Germany (or, as Andreas would add: Austria). I am plain happy when slimming diets are in the headlines and not politics…

    Today’s image transports that ‘freezing feeling’ very well, and I like the way the fallen tree lies there almost like a struck giant.

  2. Don

    As I have stated before, I am not an Obama fan but I am also tired of the stupid anti-Obama email being sent to me. Give it up try to work with the guy for the next three years. Repubs Demos it is one big stupid circle. Work together boys and girls. And by the way Obama is a citizen from what I have read so move on you losers.

    We need more serenity like the shot above.

  3. blovius

    hey, where’s yer head at?

    Everything is Obama’s fault (with a little help from Pelosi, Reid & Company).

    You should just get with the program (I think it’s a Fox program) – life would be so much simpler knowing who to blame and all.

    YA HOO!

  4. gem13

    not a snowballs chance in hell by the sounds of it … nice photo – i love the black and white you have at your freezing fingertips this time of the year – greetings from sunny (hot) Tasmania …


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