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The Devil’s Kitchen


Devil's Kitchen, Robert Treman SP, NY

You just have to love the names in places like this.   Lucifer Falls.  Devil’s Kitchen.

You find the same kind of thing, of course, in national parks – 

Towers of the Virgin.  Court of the Patriarchs.  The Temple of Sinawava.  The Great White Throne.  The Altar of Sacrifice.  The Watchman.  All of these from my favorite spot in the universe (so far):  Zion NP.  Other places have their own  interesting iconic labels.  Some names you find used again and again, like “Devil’s Kitchen”.

I’m not sure why this spot was named as it was, but I can guess.  It’s kind of a strange spot in what’s more widely known as Enfield Glen.  While the wall and the bridge are clearly manmade, the rest was done by nature.  And that’s kind of hard to believe when you’re standing there looking at it.  Many of the stone formations in and around the stream have been cut at nearly perfect right angles.  Just beyond the bridge, in fact, the stream makes a left turn that you’d swear was constructed by engineers.  I don’t know if anyone has ever measured it, but it sure looks like a perfect 90 degree turn.  Who knew Mother Nature could be so precise?  Or maybe the devil did it just to make idiots like me scratch my head in wonder.

Who says the guy doesn’t have a sense of humor?


3 Responses to “The Devil’s Kitchen”

  1. Cedric

    I love those names too. They evoke memories of books I used to read as a kid, ones with knights and dragons and other fantastic creatures. I also loved Zion NP when we visited back in ’87 though I daresay Zion would have changed much less since then than Vegas 😉
    This Devil’s Kitchen image is great. Nature’s some architect.

  2. Steve Weeks

    Utah also has it’d Devil’s Kitchen about midway on the Nebo Loop off of I-15 at Nephi. Much like a mini Bryce Canyon. Not nearly as formal as this kitchen, but things out west do seem to be thrown together in a haphazard way. That may be what I love about living here.

    If you want to give the lovely bride the ride of her life; though yours may be threatened to be shortened, take her on Highway 12 between Escalante and Boulder UT. It is know as either the Devil’s Backbone or Hell’s Backbone. Either way you can get the jest of the drive. It travels through the area known as the Escalante Staircase, renowned for it’s scenic wonders, not to mention the wonderful slot canyons.

    Death Valley also has it’s share of unique names. The vistas from Dante’s View at sun rise/set are not to be missed.

    @Cedric, there is very little other than Dubai skyline that has made such a dramatic change as LV. Thank the good Lord that the parks haven’t followed.


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