Yesterday's Light

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Table for One


Waterfall, Stony Brook SP, NY

One of the great things about being out of the rat race – even if it’s not completely voluntary – is that you can choose to eat lunch whenever and wherever you want.  In this case, sitting on a large flat rock in the middle of a stream while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall seemed to be a fine idea.  I just left the camera on the tripod, pulled a sandwich from my backpack, and enjoyed the ambiance.  I didn’t even have to leave a tip.


4 Responses to “Table for One”

  1. Markus

    Yes, these are moments to savour – both photographically and in terms of a picnic. Such situations usually leave me deeply satisfied and content, and ready to face the next day’s challenge. Oh yes, and that image works for me – the wide angle effect with a pronnounciated foreground, the repetition of the moving water in the background, the slight blur and the curved shoreline – all very harmonic and certainly an invitation to come there.


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