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Diagonally Inclined

Leaves, Stony Brook SP, NY

Leaves, Stony Brook SP, NY

Photographically, I’m beginning to think I might be a one-trick pony.  In a way, we probably all are.  Even when the subject matter changes, most of us seem to repeat certain themes.

Like diagonal lines, for example.  In this image, there are diagonals all over the place, both “real” and implied.  Heck, you don’t have to look very hard to find a few triangles.  Based on this, I must not be terribly fond of right angles.

So I did a quick check of some older images.  I don’t know about you, but I use the Lightroom catalog to keep things organized.  Most of the photographs there are ranked with stars – 1 or 2 stars means “not very good”, 3 means “OK”, and 4 or 5 stars means “above average” or “very good”.  In case you’re wondering, I have very few 4’s and 5’s out of about 10,000 images in that database.  Most are 2’s and 3’s.  I am, as they say, my own worst critic.

Anyway, I looked at quite a few photographs ranked 3 or higher.  I was surprised to discover that a very high percentage of these images contained strong diagonal lines.  The only ones having a high rank but no diagonals seemed to feature either unusual light or unusual (for me) subject matter.

So is this “discovery” a good thing?  I don’t know.  Maybe not.  Does it mean that I’ll now be consciously looking for diagonals?  That I’ll purposely avoid compositions that don’t contain them?  Or maybe I’ll do exactly the opposite, just to demonstrate that it’s not the only thing I look for.

Oh, one more thing: my wife and I once visited a house that contained not even a single right angle.  Not one.  Not on the  inside and not on the outside.  As I recall, I loved the place.  Go figure.


2 Responses to “Diagonally Inclined”

  1. Paul Maxim

    Andreas: I think I have the same obsession. I love lines that go into or come out of the corner of the frame. If I can find lines going into different corners of the same frame, so much the better. As to being “normal”? That’s probably a bit of a stretch……


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