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New 5D MK II

Wildflowers in Webster Park

Wildflowers in Webster Park

Well, I went and did it.  Late last week I sold one of my favorite lenses (a Canon 300mm f/2.8L IS) on ebay and used the proceeds to purchase a Canon 5D MK II camera body.  Whether or not I made a good decision – well, time and experience with the new camera will determine that.  I mean, I really liked that lens.  It was incredibly sharp, even with a 2X teleconverter attached.  But I only used it a few times a year.  That’s a lot of investment to be sitting in the closet.

The above image, aside from a little cropping, is pretty much straight out of the camera.  All I did was bring the RAW image into Lightroom, crop it, and make a very minor sharpening adjustment.  What impresses me so far is the color depth from this camera.  While the 5D is pretty good, the color out of this camera appears to be much, much better.  Not to mention all the pixels you get to play with.  Even though this image is cropped, you could still make a very large print from it.

I also like the idea of “live view”.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like a pretty good idea if you’re mounted on a tripod.  The menu system also seems a lot better, and of course the LCD on the back is bigger and brighter.

What irks me a little is having to buy a whole new battery grip.  They couldn’t make it so the one from the 5D would fit?  I can see having to get the “improved” batteries, but the camera bodies are very similar.  It wouldn’t have been hard to make the battery grips interchangeable.  And in case you hadn’t noticed, Canon likes to charge large sums of money for items like that.

Well, off to play with my new toy some more.  Who knows – maybe I’ll even manage to get some decent images with it.


4 Responses to “New 5D MK II”

  1. Paul

    Congratulations, Paul. I do a lot of that type of thing myself. If I have a lens or two that are just sitting around and doing nothing, off they go. The money may sit around a while, too, whilst I figure out what to do with it. As a matter of fact, that’s how I financed most of my Leica purchase, by selling a Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 lens. It was, by far, my best lens. However, it was, by far, my least used lens. It fetched a very handsome price, nearly as much as I paid for a couple of years ago.

    I think that you made the right decision, not that you need my validation! 🙂 Although I’m not a Canon user, I look forward to your impressions with the full frame camera.

  2. Paul Maxim

    You’re right about good lenses, Paul. They seem to retain their value very well. If only things like cars did so well as investments!

    As for full frame, I had that with my old 5D (which I still have). The best thing about any of Canon’s full frame cameras is the extremely low noise levels. Supposedly, the 5D MK II can be used at very high ISO’s with acceptable noise. With the 5D, I started noticing noise at about ISO 800. Not bad, but I’ve read comments on the web from people who’ve used the MK II had 3200 and had acceptable results. I’m looking forward to experimenting with that.

  3. Chris Klug

    Congrats! From what I’ve heard, the Mk II is truly a wonderful piece of hardware. I hope your images with that baby meet or exceed your older images, because they were pretty special.

    And, if you ever get around to selling your old 5D, think of me. I’m looking for a used one for my landscape work.

  4. Paul Maxim

    Thanks, Chris. And it’s certainly possible that I will sell the 5D. If that happens, you’ll be the first to know.


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