Water Under the Bridge

Lower Falls Bridge, Letchworth SP, NY

Lower Falls Bridge, Letchworth SP, NY

Yesterday dawned cloudy, cool, and wet.  A perfect day for photography.  I’ve come to the conclusion that photography is a lot like fishing – if you do it under a bright sun in the middle of the day, the results will be iffy at best.  I’m not suggesting that you absolutely can’t make images under a bright sun.  If you want harsh light and deep shadows, it’ll work just fine.  But if you’re down in a fairly deep gorge with dark, shaded walls and some of the water happens to be  “white”, you’ve got a problem.  You’re just not going to capture the complete tonal range in a single shot.

So off I went.  The “bonus”, of course, was the fact that most people don’t go to state parks on a Monday when it’s cloudy, cool, and wet.  There were a few folks around, but the place was basically empty.  I actually had to wait a while to get this image (I wanted people on the bridge).

For anyone interested, the image is of the bridge just downstream from the Lower Falls in Letchworth SP.  Of the 3 falls in the park (Upper, Middle, and Lower), it’s the only one that you can’t park next to – you have to walk a ways to get here.  The bridge connects the east and west sides of the park; I’m pretty sure that it’s the only way to cross the Genesee River (without getting wet) from inside the park.  For that reason, most people never see the east side.  All of the “good stuff” is west of the river.


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