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Something Different

I’ve long been mesmerized by the combination of still photography and music.  It just seems to me to be such a natural fit.  I’m not alone in this view, of course.  Countless others apparently feel the same way; it’s not hard to find examples of this marriage of media types across the internet.  Paul Lester did one recently – you can find it here.

While I’ve done this before (using “family” photographs), I’ve never done it using landscape images.  This is the result of my first attempt at doing that kind of thing.  It’s certainly amateurish at best, but it was fun and I learned a good deal along the way.  And of course there are “problems”.  To keep the video file size at a reasonable level (for uploading), the image resolutions have to be kept on the small side.  So a lot of the detail I can see in the original version gets lost in the translation.

But it’s something different.  Sort of like a slideshow (well, actually it is a slideshow) set to music.  I even put it on a DVD and watched it on a large screen TV.  Talk about seeing the effects of lost resolution – it was painful.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  But what fun is life if we ain’t learning new stuff?


5 Responses to “Something Different”

  1. Paul

    Very nice, Paul. What did you use to put it together? I would bet that if you made another version, just for DVD, the resolution would be much higher and the impact much greater when played on the TV!

  2. Paul Maxim

    Paul: I used a program called MySlideShow Gold 3. It’s pretty easy to use and it’s cheap (about $39). I don’t really know how it compares to other programs like it since this is the only one I’ve ever used. Oh, and I did make a “DVD” version (there are all kinds of options for saving files). But it still wasn’t what I’d call great on the TV. One thing that is easy is syncing the music with the images, and it has a lot of options for transitioning from one image to the next.

  3. Cedric

    Wow. This had me spellbound. The music was haunting and the images were mesmerizing. I would love to see a full resolution version of this on a big screen.

  4. Paul Maxim

    Thanks, Cedric. I’d love to see a full resolution version on a big screen, too! Still working on that one. It’d be a heck of a way to share images with other people. One problem, of course, is the music and copyright issues. Even handing out free copies is probably going to violate copyright laws if you don’t have permission.

  5. Steve Weeks

    Paul, What a wonderful selection of your images from the SW and the choice of music is spot on. You have inspired me to get cracking on doing some new work in B&W as soon as the effects of my cataract surgeries trim out.

    One thing I learned while formatting pictures for a 30″ TV in our lobby at work is that less is more. The ideal file size turned out to be about 1368×768@96 ppi. Anything larger or higher resolution was wasted and actually degraded the viewing. This is contrary to everything I know about working on a computer monitor. The trick is the viewing distance, don’t try and look at them while too close. 6 to 8′ is about right.


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