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Waterfall in Black and White


Waterfalls, it seems to me, are one of those subjects that look better in black and white than they do in color.  There is a natural contrast between the white water and the surrounding rock that is often “softened” when color is included.

This small waterfall empties into the Little River in the Smokies.  My guess is that it can only be seen in the spring (and perhaps in the fall).  Given its size, it probably dries up during summer months, as so many small streams in this area do.


3 Responses to “Waterfall in Black and White”

  1. Markus Spring

    Waterfalls and generally moving water are a forever fascinating subject for me, however up to no exclusively in color. Not denying the merits of black and white especially in your image, the shades of green in water and sometimes moss can justify the color shot as well. But I will take up your idea and widen my water experiences by getting into some b&w treatment.

  2. Paul Maxim

    I share your sentiment, Markus, on waterfalls and moving water being “forever fascinating”. If I hear flowing water, I cannot resist the urge to find it. And that includes the surf on oceans and lakes. It’s like a photographic magnet. Must be something Freudian about it…..

    You’re right, of course. Color often works very well – especially in the fall. I just think that B and W works just a little better (most of the time).

  3. Don

    I agree, there is a time for color, but b&w is more dramatic to me. Problem is I don’t do enough b&w.


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