The Art of Doing Nothing


Sometimes doing nothing is the best possible course of “action”.

We all have those days when virtually everything we do – or try to do – turns to crap.  One disaster follows another.  Even the simplest of tasks turns ugly.  Entropy rules.

There are those who will try to tell you that you should force yourself to fight through these periods.  Giving up, they say, is not only cowardly, it’s the very essence of defeatism.  Real men (and women) fight on.  That’s how character is built.  That’s what separates the movers and shakers from the masses.  You never, ever quit.  Not only do you welcome adversity, you invite it.  You need only believe in yourself and all things are possible.  Success is inevitable.  You WILL win the day.  What does not kill you will make you stronger (Bismarck?).

Blah – blah – blah.  Who comes up with this crap, anyway?  People with oversized egos, that’s who.  People like Napoleon (the architect of Waterloo).  People like Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg (responsible for Pickett’s charge up Cemetery Hill).  People like George W. Bush (“Mission Accomplished”).

There is no shame in withdrawing to fight another day.  When your gut tells you that to continue is folly, by all means listen.  Pay attention to your instincts.  You need not roll over and play dead.  Just pull back from the brink.  Absorb some sunshine.  Rest.  Regroup.  Tomorrow will come.  And along with it, maybe some better choices.


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