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Longitude Lane


I didn’t take this picture – my wife did.  She very often finds some real gems with her Canon G7 that I never see.  I think that’s because she’s more likely to look down at things than I am.  I tend to look mostly at things at eye level or above.  The reason for that, I suppose, could be physical.  She’s about 5′ 1″ tall and I’m about 6′ 6″.  The ground’s a lot further away for me.  Or maybe she’s just more “grounded in reality” than I am.  Who knows.  Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t have seen this image in a million years.  And I really like it.

Every once in a while while we’re traveling, we come across a street name that we add to our list of “Addresses we wish we had”.  This is one of them.  I mean, wouldn’t it be neat to live on “Longitude Lane”?  In this case, not only is the name interesting, so is the street itself.  Of course, calling it a street is being kind.  While it’s not a one way street, there’s no way in hell that two vehicles could pass going in opposite directions.  It must make for some interesting situations from time to time.

It’s also one of those Charleston streets that, with a little imagination, can make you think you’ve stepped back in time.  The houses are all 18th or 19th century in origin.  And even though it runs off of East Battery (a heavily trafficked street), it gets very quiet very quickly as you walk down it.  Almost spookily quiet.  If I’d seen people dressed in 18th century garb staring back out the windows at me, I swear I wouldn’t have been surprised.


4 Responses to “Longitude Lane”

  1. Don

    Great shot, maybe she has been following Mark and in quest of shooting down at objects.

  2. Steve Weeks

    Your wife has a great eye. Lovely textures and shadows with diagonals. She should do/post more, good stuff and pass it on, please.

    I don’t feel it has anything to do with a person’s height, more how we were trained. I come from a background of look down, look up, look behind you and pay attention to everything. That came from hunting when I was younger and now doing much the same with a camera.

    The mystery of the street name is killing me, surely it must run north and south.


  3. Paul Maxim

    Perhaps she has, Don, but I doubt it. She knows nothing of my give and take with Mark and as far as I know has never even looked at his site. She’s been “looking down” for as long as I can remember.

    Sorry to burst your bubble Steve, but Longitude Lane runs east – west. It’s a very short street with the eastern end pointing toward Fort Sumter. So the name is still mysterious. I actually googled it to see if I could learn more, but came up empty (with respect to how it got its name). Maybe the folks who named it weren’t very good at geography or something.


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