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Off to Charleston


The road beckons.  To hell with the economy.  My wife and I haven’t seen the ocean in over 2 years and haven’t done any real “road trips” since last June (and that was to move back to NY).  Sometimes you just can’t ignore the itch.  Sometimes you have to just get up and go.  Home is a state of mind.  Who said that it couldn’t have 4 wheels and a large trunk?  There’s stuff to see out there.

So it’s off to Charleston, SC – probably my favorite city.  It’s a place you can park your car and just start walking.  It’s a town ripe with history, much of it still standing.  There are narrow streets and alleyways, old churches with even older cemeteries (see my last post), and about a gazillion flowers in bloom.  It’s a place you could get lost in and not care, although it’s not easy to get lost, at least not in the so-called historic district.

And I know this is somewhat irrational, but in my mind the best photography is always “down the road” a bit.  Perhaps that’s because it’s more mysterious than what lies around the corner from where I live – I don’t know.  I just know that if I can see it everyday, then it’s not interesting.  The best part of life is the undiscovered part.  “Home Sweet Home” is just another myth.


6 Responses to “Off to Charleston”

  1. Chris Klug

    Lovely soft tones in this image. I haven’t been visiting long enough to know what you shoot with, digital or film, but this is wonderful.

  2. Paul Maxim

    Thanks, Chris. I’m strictly digital now (Canon 5D). I gave up film and scanning long ago. It all goes from the camera into Lightroom (Photoshop if it needs a lot of work).

  3. Don

    Have a nice, safe trip. the last time I was in SC was when our Caddy decided to blow a transmission on 95, so we spent a week in Savananh. I would like to go back under better circumstances because the photo oppurtunities are great.

  4. Paul Maxim

    Old 5D, Chris. I wouldn’t mind the new one, but I really can’t justify it. I suppose it would be worth it if I made very large prints, but I don’t. Besides, my “old” one works just fine. And yes, Lightroom is great. I worry that I’ll forget everything I learned about Photoshop. I just don’t use it as much.

    Don – if you’ve never been to Charleston, I highly recommend it. A blown transmission – ouch! But it could have been worse. You could have been in the middle of Iowa or something.

  5. Don

    I should have probably expressed myself better on this, the tranny dumped just before the bridge on 95 that goes from Georgia to SC. We stayed in SC the car spent the week in Savannah. So we did checkout how the ritz live in Hilton Head, and I got to go back to Parris Island where I graduated from boot camp in 1968. But everyone I talk to tell me the same, you have to go to Charleston.


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