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One Response to “Trees”

  1. Markus Spring

    Working picture: That white is almost glowing against that dark blue background and the panoramic format gives the impression of an extending hillside with a long valley below.

    That problem with blogging software and image formats seems to be everywhere: blogger defaults to small pictures, so does wordpress if you do not choose a special photoblog template which usually comes with other restrictions. Large images plus text entries probably are not foreseen – pixelpost or aminus3 concentrate fully on the image. For a while I was considering to switch my blog from blogger to wordpress because of its multiplicity of possiblities, but in the end decided not to spend the effort on this switch but to shoot and post more often.

    What I did was to resort to the lightbox javascript ( in order to show a big version of the image ‘on click’. Hosting of all my image files is done on flickr, and for blogging a have a handwoven cgi script to speed up the work. I am still not content with the design, so there is some work ahead, but will probably stick with the system.


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